1. The right bike shop/ dealership

Novices should, ideally, buy from the dealer. In addition to competent advice, amateurs are given the chance to compare different bikes. During a test drive, the distinctions in seat setting and tools can be straight ” seasoned”. This feeling could not be changed by anything! The on-site technological solution, such as chassis adjustment or modification of specific elements, is a great plus. The alternatives to the store: Major internet mail-order business now supply innovative online and also telephone advice. Anybody who has actually currently dealt extra intensively with the topic of hill cycling, could also discover his desire bike at the click of a computer mouse. Technical skill is definitely an advantage, given that you normally have to use a hand throughout final assembly.

2. Good timing

An essential point! All the same, avoid the regular top hrs, such as the days around Easter, or the first cozy days of spring. Because a qualified consultation lasts longer compared to a couple of minutes! That marks a good store finally. Even if you are well prepared in the store, the high quality of a sales talk is a burden when the dealership is under tension. Maybe you can open for purchasing as soon as a morning during the week, or you concur for an substantial examination consisting of study in advance an appointment. If you are not quickly, you can wait up until the autumn to buy it, then you can safeguard a couple of deals with lowered expiration models.

3. What sort of cyclist are you?

A experienced salesperson will certainly start with 2 questions: according to the location of application and also inning accordance with

the spending plan (see following suggestion). So you must think of it beforehand. Do you intend to go mainly scenic tours like the majority of cyclists? Is there also an Towering going across on the program? Or are you much more in the middle of the uneven center mountains? Do you want to be comfortable or sporty? Maybe even in the bike park? Make clear!

4. Invest loan meaningfully

The cheapest bikes can be located in the class of 26 inch hardtails. The most up to date test has revealed that newbies obtain a appropriately outfitted bike with light and agile on trails framework for around 1000 euros. The derailleur is lesser compared to a great suspension fork! Because additionally with inexpensive parts draw the tipptopp. Nevertheless, good 29-inch hardtails are still unusual in this class, when, after that typically also hefty and also slow-moving. It deserves spending more. Fulls begins at around 1500 Euros.

5. Fully or Hardtail?

A full-suspension chassis has quantifiable and also noticeable advantages over a hardtail. This worries the convenience (you loosen up much more unwinded) along with the traction. The tires slide over barriers and also interact with the floor. Not to forget the impact on the mind of the pilot: one worsens much more regulated as well as safer. For a hardtail talk primarily price and weight. Instance: In the fully-beginner-class (1500 Euro) you obtain race-ready 26-inch hardtails by ten to eleven kilos weight. Hardtails are additionally a great choice in moderate surface.

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