Recommendations for the intimate health of women

Female intimate areas have their own characteristics, which make their care and hygiene various from those of other parts of the body. Right here are some suggestions that will help you.

Female intimate locations have their own characteristics, making their care as well as hygiene different from those of various other parts of the body. Here are some tips and also referrals that will certainly help you.

Usage products consisting of neutral cleaning agents that do not modify the pH of the genital mucosa and do not trigger irritability or dry skin.

Modest or prevent the use of Crystal X . Along with being possibly bothersome and also allergenic, they could mask a signs and symptom, the negative smell, which could be an indication of a problem that needs therapy.

Stay clear of vaginal showers (unless suggested) due to the fact that they can remove bacteria needed to shield the vaginal area and also create dry skin. Just clean the genitals externally with water or with a neutral or unscented soap.

Do not utilize a sponge or anything similar to cleanse the genital area because it could result in a nest of bacteria. The fingers need to be utilized as well as gently gone through the folds up of the big and little labia, and also around the clitoris.

It is essential that the underwear is altered daily and cleaned with non-aggressive items and also rinsed effectively. Use cotton materials and prevent synthetics as high as possible, to facilitate perspiration.

Prevent exceedingly tight pants and also intimate garments, to make sure that there is no chafing or moisture build-up.

During menstrual cycle modification often (do not wait more than 4-6 hrs) presses or tampons. Choose those that do not carry antiperspirant.

Laundry hands and also genital location prior to and also after having sex.

Always tidy the perineal area from front to back so as not to lug germs from the rectum to the vulva.

Beware of pubic shavings, as they could create small cuts on lips and nearby areas.

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